Original Collection

The Original Collection is made out of kraft paper.

The concept MONADA paper bag is built upon a visual experience, that promotes paper as luxury material, functioning as a catalyst of originality, innovative thinking and a sense of humor its wearer. 

Kraft paper is highly elastic and tear resistant and is used for packing when strength and durability are required.

In industries, kraft paper is usually used for packing heavy, dry materials like grains or seeds…but naturally, other than grains or seeds you can carry 50 kg of whatever you need to in your MONADA bag. The material is also primed for unexpected water attacks.

Durability of the kraft paper parts is about: 1/2 - 1+ year
When paper part is broken, buy additional one for a special price, and clip it easily on your old strap.
...Or make a change - Try one of Leather Collection.

Design your own bag by choosing the size, and colour of the sleeve and combining it with straps of various colours!