Transparent Pricing & Local Production

Transparent pricing

We believe customers have the right to know that they are not paying for a “product for consumption”. Instead, they are philanthropists.

That is why we would like to thank you, Dear Philanthropist, for financially supporting skilled crafts(wo)men and professionals from your neighbourhood. Thanks for your contribution, they can promote their private lives or local businesses.

//How will your contribution be split up?

If you purchase online:


 If you buy from your favourite neighbourhood store:


Please accept the Bag (free of charge) as a reminder of your good deed.


Born in neighbourhood

It's not standard for brands to reveal their suppliers.

We're not ashamed of them, we're actually pleased that we can proudly reveal who we owe for a product that was created for the quality we stand for.

Leather: Gruppo Mastrotto, IT
Nylon fabrics: Hedva, a. s., CZ
Straps: Elasta-vestil, a.s. CZ
Hardware: YKK Czech, spol s r. o. CZ, William Prym Holding GmbH, DE;
Labour: Elega, spol s r. o., CZ; KOKA style, s. r. o., CZ; Petr Franěk –, CZ
Packaging: Potisk pásek s. r. o., CZ; Petr Franěk –, CZ

The only exception in the list of local suppliers are personalised grommets that were manufactured by Morecredit Garmet accessory CO., TLD, CHINA.

By providing a look into our supply chain to guarantee fair working conditions and sustainable sourcing, we would like to ensure you that purchasing The Bag by Monada is definitely a good deal.

Remember – cool is no longer how much you paid for an item but how much of a social impact your purchase has.